KLAVA Vision Statement:

KLAVA is dedicated to achieving high performance growth and grass root development of youth volleyball in Kuala Lumpur and for the future of Volleyball in the country.

Our Mission Statement:

BUILDTo build the base – We seek to expand our membership, increase the number of volunteers and extend our reach in order to engage as many people as possible in the sport of volleyball.

PROMOTETo promote the sport – We seek to promote all aspects of the sport in order to generate as many positive public recognition (Kuala Lumpur) as possible that in turn will lead to increase of participations (Players, Coaches and Referees) from Indoor Volleyball to Beach Volleyball training programs to competitive volleyball.

ACHIEVETo achieve sustained competitive successes – We seek to continue the tradition of performance based successes to the highest levels of national competitions, especially at the SUKMA Games (Gold Medal) and other national tournament through efforts in grass root development programs.

KLAVA 35th Anniversary Dinner

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

KLAVA Youth U16 Volleyball Championship

Game Schedule : Boy | Girl

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Date : 3rd to 5th November 2014
Venue: Gelanggang Futsal Kuarters JKR, Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Sungai Besi, Salak Selatan 57100 Kuala Lumpur.

2nd day Results

 1. CHP(A) vs CON (B) 31:6
 2. BJ(B) Vs TSUN(A) 8:31
 3. CHP(A) Vs BJ(B) 31:8
 4. CON(B) Vs BJ(B) 31:13
 5. CHP(A) Vs TSUN(A) 31:16
 6. CON(B) Vs BJ(B) 31:13
 7. CHP(B) Vs CON(A) 27:31
 8. JIN Vs TSUN(B) 22:31
 9. CHP(B) Vs JIN 18:31
 10.CON(A) Vs TSUN(B) 31:13
 11.CHP(B) VS TSUN (B) 31:11
 12.CON(A) Vs JIN 31:19

1. KC(A) Vs TSUN(A) 20:25, 22:25
 2. CHP(A) Vs SMKSI 25:9, 25:10
 3. KC(B) Vs CON(A) 25:17, 25:17
 4. SMKTC Vs JIN 25: 21, 25:19

 1. KC(A) Vs SMKTC 7:31
 2. CHP(B) Vs SMKSI 14:31
 3. KC(A) Vs CHP(B) 31:24
 4. SMKTC Vs SMKSI 31:17
 5. KC(A) Vs SMKSI 9:31
 6. SMKTC Vs CHP(B) 31:12

Day 1 - Results


For More Information Please call Mr. Hon 012-302 1221 

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