KLAVA Vision Statement:

KLAVA is dedicated to achieving high performance growth and grass root development of youth volleyball in Kuala Lumpur and for the future of Volleyball in the country.

Our Mission Statement:

BUILDTo build the base – We seek to expand our membership, increase the number of volunteers and extend our reach in order to engage as many people as possible in the sport of volleyball.

PROMOTETo promote the sport – We seek to promote all aspects of the sport in order to generate as many positive public recognition (Kuala Lumpur) as possible that in turn will lead to increase of participations (Players, Coaches and Referees) from Indoor Volleyball to Beach Volleyball training programs to competitive volleyball.

ACHIEVETo achieve sustained competitive successes – We seek to continue the tradition of performance based successes to the highest levels of national competitions, especially at the SUKMA Games (Gold Medal) and other national tournament through efforts in grass root development programs.

KLAVA 35th Anniversary Dinner

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Lausanne, Switzerland, February 27, 2009 – Brazil continues to dominate the FIVB World Rankings following the online publication of the latest version of the Volleyball rankings on Wednesday.

Updated on 15th January 2010:
FIVB Senior World Ranking - Women
FIVB Senior World Ranking - Men
FIVB Junior & Youth World Ranking - Women
FIVB Junior & Youth World Ranking - Men

Friday, January 1, 2010

KL SUKMA Girl Team Name List

Short Listed Player:
01. Lim Fong Yee, Yvonne (林芳意) - Setter
02. Chua Su Lyn, Crystal (蔡素英) - Open/Sub Spiker
03. Pang Seu Ping, Mandy (彭筱萍) – Open Spiker
04. Au Su Cheng (欧淑贞)[Captain] – Open/Sub Spiker
05. Lim Shin Hui (林欣慧) – Center Spiker
06. Kuan Yit Ying (关亦盈) – Open/Center Spiker
07. Noraini Ayoob Khan (诺艾妮) - Libero
08. Low Pei Yee (刘沛妤) – Setter
09. Loi Kiet Yein (吕洁盈) – Open/Center Spiker
10. Mye Jin Yi (米晋仪) - Setter
11. Koh Yi Xuen (许语瞏) - Open/Center Spiker
12. Ong Zui Jian (翁惠君) - Center Spiker
13. Nurul Asyikin Binti Moh Yeddin(奴鲁亚施金) - Sub Spiker
14. Nadia Nathasha Binti Mohd Radzi (娜塔莎) – Center Spiker
15. Nur Azura Binti Ghalib (奴阿祖啦) – Open Spiker
16. Nur Shafiqah Mohd Shahrin (奴莎菲卡) – Libero
17. Wong Huey Wey (黄汇蔚) – Open/Center Spiker
18. Kok Mei Teng (郭美婷) – Open Spiker
19. Nur Zakiratul Syima Mohd Shahrin (希玛) – Libero/Setter
20. Nadia Nathalia Binti Mohd Radzi (娜塔丽亚)– Open Spiker

Updated on 28/01/2010 by Ricky Chow (Head Coach 總教練)

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