KLAVA Vision Statement:

KLAVA is dedicated to achieving high performance growth and grass root development of youth volleyball in Kuala Lumpur and for the future of Volleyball in the country.

Our Mission Statement:

BUILDTo build the base – We seek to expand our membership, increase the number of volunteers and extend our reach in order to engage as many people as possible in the sport of volleyball.

PROMOTETo promote the sport – We seek to promote all aspects of the sport in order to generate as many positive public recognition (Kuala Lumpur) as possible that in turn will lead to increase of participations (Players, Coaches and Referees) from Indoor Volleyball to Beach Volleyball training programs to competitive volleyball.

ACHIEVETo achieve sustained competitive successes – We seek to continue the tradition of performance based successes to the highest levels of national competitions, especially at the SUKMA Games (Gold Medal) and other national tournament through efforts in grass root development programs.

KLAVA 35th Anniversary Dinner

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Kuala Lumpur Amateur Volleyball Association Coaches Board invites you to attend the Volleyball Coaches Course (Level II) on 25 – 30  2011 (6 days) which is held with the support and co-operation of the MAVA Coaches Board , Majlis Sukan Kuala Lumpur, Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Wilayah Persekutuan (MSSWP) and Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan (JBSWP),
The Course will be organized in accordance with the 'Regulation for Coaches Course' issued by MAVA Coaches Board.  Successful candidate will be issued the Level II coaching certificate and is eligible to attend the level 3 coaching course.

The course will cover theoretical and practical aspects of coaching and will consist of lecture, demonstration and practical sessions.  Subjects to be covered include skill training, tactics, physical training, coaching method, mental imagery, simulations.

The course will be conducted by En. Mohd Radzi Mohd Rawi, an international level II coach who has coached the Kuala Lumpur State team for many years and also has conducted coaching courses for many years.

Application is open to all participant  Participants who want to attend this course must past Level 1 Coaching course at least 1 year.

(a) DATE:  25 – 30 January  2011 (Opening on 25 January 2010 at  1630 Hrs)
(b) VENUE: Pusat Sukan KG Pandan, KL
(c) LANGUAGE: The course will be taught in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
(d) TESTS: The course will conclude with written and practical tests. (Successful candidate will be awarded Level II Certificate.)
(e) COURSE FEE: Each participant must pay the course fee of RM200, including  for levi &  notes.
(f) PROGRAMME: The course programme is attached.

The application form should be completed and returned together with the registration deposit of RM 100.00 before 11 January 2011 (No refund of deposit can be made after registration unless your application is rejected).  The balance of RM 100.00 is payable on arrival at the course.

For further inquiries and extra forms, please contact 

En. Mohd Radzi   (Tel. No. 013-3325799 / 20201257 / 91313082) E-mail : mdradzir@tm.com

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